October 02, 2017

Baby Adrian is here and my VBAC story!

Baby Adrian is here!
Born: September 12 at 9:30 pm
Weight: 6.97 lbs
Tomorrow my little guy will be three weeks! Sleepless nights and a toddler who started kindergarten. September was a busy month and lots of changes in the household. Thankfully, the husband took his vacation time and was home too.
My first born, Emilio, is also a September baby. Born in 2013, I delivered him via csection as he was a breech baby. With this baby I was asked by my doctor if I would have a VBAC. To be honest I didn't see a reason why not as this baby was head down. And, if I didn't have to have surgery a VBAC was in the cards. No two pregnancies are the same but I do have to add that I have been blessed with both and for the most part healthy. So, I did a little research on VBAC's but I think I wasn't really prepared. I was so concerned about complications that I hadn't really considered the actual process of birth. With the csection I got to the hospital and delivered that night. With this baby, I felt like I was a new mom. I actually went to the hospital twice and on the third visit was admitted. I had no clue what to expect!
Not to get too much into detail; I laboured all day as the nurse suggested to let the baby naturally descend and I only pushed for 10 minutes and baby arrived! So, the pushing part was easy the worst part of delivery was that I had a retained placenta! All is well now but not a very comfortable delivery.
Friends and family ask, which do you prefer a csection or natural? In all honestly, both deliveries are so different and I can't say one is better than the other. Complications can arise with both. For me, the recovery period was much easier with the VBAC. Also, for me the importance was that the baby would be delivered safely and healthy. Hence, not one is preferred over the other. Do your research but also know that no matter how much you prepare you can't plan everything. Have an open mind and most importantly have a good doctor and/or midwife.
Share your birth story!

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