September 04, 2018

Universkin; a customized skincare

In the ten plus years of beauty blogging I have tried countless skincare items. When it comes to serums, they are our BFF. However, a customized serum is the end all of all serums. And, when it comes to skincare reviews, they take time. There are no miracle serums or creams. Good skin takes time!
Universkin is a a unique skincare program which is customized to your own skintype and concerns. With close to 1,200 unique formulations, a serum designed specifically for you and not off the shelf. With ten years of research, Universkin was developed by Europe's leading; dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and scientists. Definitely, not your cookie cutter skincare formula!
How does it work?
First, you must book an appoinment at one of Canada's top skincare clinics. In Toronto, I met with Claudia at Spa Medica. We had a one to one consultation; my skincare concerns were fine lines, clogged pores, and post partum skin. I didn't want anything too strong as I was/am breastfeeding. So, we found a balance and the results were two serums (a day and night) that were gentle but effective.
Following the serum you also receive a moisturizer to apply over top. The serums normally last about eight weeks. After the eight weeks, another consultation is suggested to analysis the skin and change formulations according to results and additional skincare needs.
I am a huge fan of personalized skincare. As I think anyone would be as we are all unique. The serums were soothing and highly effective. Changes are subtle and not over night. I have yet to go back as I would love to change my formulation once I stop breastfeeding in order to really get that extra push I think my skin needs. Otherwise, my two serums were wonderful and worked extremely well for my needs at the time. Smoother and more even skin tone.
To book an appointment:
Go to UNIVERSKIN and under tab find a clinic near you enter your postal code

*serums were provided for review, however, no compensation further compensation is/was provided and opinions are my own. Individual results will vary*


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