March 23, 2010

Check it out {compact mirrors}

what are you looking at?
How cute are these compact mirrors? So cute! I've seen these compact mirrors on quite a few online sites and thought you'd might also find them quite cute and practical.  There are several styles to choose from and they are so practical for travel and/or touch-ups. The best part is that they light up! They're available online at Les Tai Tai (they ship to the US, UK, and Europe) or at several stores in Canada, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

(images: LesTaiTai, to create the collage)


  1. I love the peach one with the black polka dots! I have several little compacts - but none with lights - what a great idea! I wonder if they're heavy? Right now I'm carrying a super-thin goody mirror - it's not that cute, but it doesn't weugh anything :-)

  2. I think that compact mirrors are the ultimate girly item to have! So cute!

  3. I have a hello kitty one hahahaha
    which reminds me I need to find it!


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