December 21, 2012

five years later! {still blogging}

                                                                   Source: via Monica @BeautyParler on Pinterest

Five years ago today I posted my very first blog post!
time flies when you're having fun...
however there have been times when I wanted to delete my account,
blogging can feel like a full-time job and that is not what I wanted to feel, 
so when times are tough I step back from blogging to collect my thoughts,
but I always come back to it
because I love it!
I have met amazing friends along the way,
have learned many new skills,
continue to enjoy & amass
beauty products!
however going into 2013 I plan on expanding into other topics such as
lifestyle blogging (which I have started in 2012)
A BIG thank you to all my readers & for all your comments!
I hope you will continue to visit & can't wait to make new friends.
Hope you enjoy the new look by FabulousK, I had a hard time letting go of my old template & design but felt that a new look was needed. Most of the feedback I received was to keep the chandelier & stripes so I did.
Hope you like it as much as I do!


  1. Love the new look - its so pink and pretty! Congrats on 5 years blogging! It's been 3.5 years for me - it goes by so quickly, huh?

  2. thank you Ella! Yes, goes by fast!

  3. Wow!! Happy 5 year blogiversary! That's a huge milestone, and you should be so proud :)

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Monica, congratulations on 5 years! Your blog looks lovely, and that is one yummy looking piece of cake, now I am craving sweets! There goes the health and beauty regimen.


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