February 24, 2013

Are you applying BB Creams correctly? {makeup tips}

By now all of you have heard of BB Creams, if not, for background info click here. Question is: Are you applying your BB Cream correctly? If you find you can't seem to make it work correctly the number one issue is you are applying too much product.
A pea size for any skin type is enough!

Oily skin type: a pea size is just right, apply alone as your main moisturizer or over a mattyfying primer.
Dry skin type: apply over a serum or your regular moisturizer.
Combo skin types: apply a moisturizer in your dry areas only.
BB creams are not meant to mask, completely conceal, or hide imperfections. They are a tinted moisturizer with added benefits. Although some are more pigmented and provide slightly more coverage they are not in any means a medium to full coverage foundation. The great thing about BB creams is that they even out your skin tone by not having to wear a foundation. If more coverage is needed I suggest you either spot the area with either concealer or a medium to full foundation. Powder foundation is another great option over top for added coverage. By adding more than a pea-size amount you risk getting oily, streaky, and unevenness.
Do you use BB Creams? Or do you continue to use Foundations?



  1. Interesting... I always thought the BB Creams I was using were just bad, but maybe I was supposed to just use it as my "main moisturiser" (I've got oily skin)!... the only issue is that typically the tint that BB creams accentuate whatever dry skin I do have even when I apply the moisturiser! ... I think I'll stick with foundation for now!

  2. In dry areas apply a little moisturizer, let sit for a few minutes and afterwards apply BB cream.


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