August 27, 2014

Optimera Skincare: review

By now you must have heard of Optimera skincare, produced by Nerium Iternational. You can find countless reviews on youtube by most of the top beauty vloggers. Also known as Nerium AD in the U.S, Optimera was launched nation-wide in Canada in June 2014. The skincare product line contains a patent-pending plant-based extract called SAL-14; an ingredient that is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration and uneven skin tone, reduce pore size and loose-skin.

*take note that the Canadian version does not contain Oleander

After attending the press release back in June I was excited to try something "new" and in all honesty I hadn't heard of Optimera. At 37 years old I do have a few concerns over fine lines but I'm not overly concerned as I know my laugh lines aren't going to disappear.

This image was taken about two weeks after having started Optimera. The product lasted about two months. As you can see I do have a few bumps, minor fine lines and you can see my pores. Overall, I am pretty happy with my skin (nothing is perfect).

*note that the above image has not been altered in photoshop. I am wearing MAC Face & Body foundation + blush

  • skin looks smoother, softer and has a nice glow
  • skin tone is more even
  • my under eye circles aren't as dark
  • no irritation
  • formulated without-parabens, gluten, propylene, glycol, sulfates, DEA, or synthetic colours
  • I like the packaging: air tight pump
  • preferred the day cream version over the night cream: much lighter in texture & easier to apply
  • product can feel tacky (sticky) applied to dry skin, as suggested at the press event I would spritz my face prior with water (in my case rose water) and apply the product which I found helped considerably in the application
  • suggested 4-5 pumps each time you apply (quite alot of product) therefore I only used 1-2 pumps
  • I wasn't a fan of the night cream (too emollient for my combination skin type)
  • price $188 cdn for the two products or $125 for just the night cream (in fairness if you're using 4-5 pumps as suggested you will use quite a bit of product however as mentioned 1-2 pumps was enough)
Available to purchase: Nerium Products
Optimera Night Cream $125
Optimera Night Cream + Day Cream $188
I would purchase the Optimera Day Cream only. However not available to purchase without the Night Cream (at this time)

(Images: are property of, products were provided for review. Results are based on my personal opinion)


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