January 15, 2016

Philips Pure Radiance Facial Cleansing System: Review

Facial cleansing brushes are not new to the beauty industry. There are quite a few on the market but how do you choose the right one? Having tried a few in the past I am happy I tried the Philips Pure Radiance Facial Cleansing System recently. 
Past reviews of other facial brushes on the market:

Background info: uses Sonic technology with advanced Dual Motion. A gentle deep clean that cleans 10x more effective. Gentle enough to use twice a day, morning and night. Two speed setting; speed one for a mild gentle cleansing or step two for deep cleanse. Water-resistant which is a great bonus as can be used in the shower (time saver). Slim compact design means easy to travel with.
Review: Based on a 30 day trail and for reference I have combination skin that tends to be dehydrated due to my job as a flight attendant. My first reaction was that the brush was super soft (the brush that comes with the kit is the Normal Brush head: meant for combination skin. Two other brush heads are available: Exfoliating and a Sensitive brush head.)
A fully charged brush head lasts for 30 minutes; when switched on the brush works for a full minute in three periods of 20 seconds, making it easy to know when to move on to the portion of your face.

You can apply your cleanser of choice directly onto the brush. My method was to first do a one over with the cleanser and then another wash with the brush. Reasoning for me is that it just doesn't make sense to be brushing my face full of makeup and getting it into the pores. If that makes sense? But this is not to do with this specific brush system it's my new way of thinking including when I wash with the cleansing oil method. 

  • love the feel of my skin afterwards
  • felt smoother and soft
  • after a couple of weeks noticed a reduction in blackheads
  • feels like I had a facial, skin glowed
  • liked the feel and design; lightweight and didn't feel bulky like other facial brushes
  • not many
  • although it's gentle enough to use twice a day I didn't feel like my skin needed that much exfoliation so I now use it every other day
  • the North American version of the Philips Pure Radiance Facial Cleansing System only comes with one brush head while the European version known as VisaPure Essential Pure Radiance has two; would love to try the gentle brush head version to compare
For retailers visit Philips.ca
Suggested retail $159 (CDN)

*product given for review; based on my personal experience

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