November 03, 2016

The Joy of Beauty with Joy McCarthy

No matter how many skincare or beauty care products we buy the most important factor in beautiful skin is what we consume. Holistic nutritionist, Joy McCarthy is somewhat of a local celebrity. She has appeared on numerous shows and her message of healthy living is fundamental in living a balanced and joyous healthy life.
Joy runs a successful website, Joyous Health, read about the latest in leading a healthy lifestyle. Get easy to make recipes and d.i.y skincare recipes that will change the way you look at ingredients. Joy recently launched a new ebook, Joyous Health: Natural Beauty Guide.

I'll be the first to admit that ever so often I get inspired to go totally "green" in my approach on food and skincare. After having my son I have changed my skincare (somewhat) to reflect this new approach. But, I am not going to lie! I do find it difficult with my schedule. Recently, I had the chance to ask Joy a few questions.

(1) As a blogger and flight attendant; my biggest concern is eating on-the-go. What are your suggestions of a healthy diet while travelling?
Make sure you bring healthy snacks with you to enjoy in the airport and while flying. Good snacks that contain lots of fibre and protein and are low in sugar. Both fibre and protein are very blood sugar balancing which will help keep your energy levels stable and cravings away. I always bring protein bars with me and as soon as I arrive at my destination I find out where the local health food store is so I can go stock up on some essentials like fresh fruit and veggies, hummus and some breakfast options. Lastly, drink tons of water. Flying is extremely dehydrating and often times we are so busy while travelling and out of our routine we just forget to drink water. I bring a reusable water bottle with me to fill up once I get to my destination (as long as the water is safe to drink) and it helps me be aware of how much water I’m drinking. Oh and I have one more thing… just because I’m travelling doesn’t mean I take a vacation from my natural health supplements, I bring them with me!

(2) Since becoming a mom I tried to streamline my beauty routine. And by streamlining I've tried to go more "green" in terms of beauty products. The amount of chemicals in beauty products is crazy! What is your beauty routine? And any favourite "green" beauty products.
The average woman is exposed to 126 chemicals by the time she leaves her home at 9am. These chemicals can disrupt our hormonal harmony, negatively impact our immune system and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m extremely committed to clean beauty but not all “green” products are created equal. Clean beauty products can still contain chemicals you want to avoid. The key is to do your research because even products that have “fragrance/parfum” listed as an ingredient can mean literally 100’s of unlisted ingredients. Some of my faves are my smooth like butta body butter — I bring this with me everywhere because not only does it moisturize amazingly, but you can use it as a shave cream or make up remover and all the ingredients are actually edible. I also love Eminence Organics, Green Beaver Company, Penny Lane Organics, RMS, W3LL People and many more. 

(3) In the Natural Beauty Guide you share a few amazing natural recipes. Any plans in the future of creating your own Joyous Skincare Facial line?
Aside from making my own DIY products I don’t think I will create skin care line unless I decide to go back to school and become an aesthetician. However, I should never say never! For now, my passion is creating recipes both food and DIY beauty and educating as many people as possible on the healing power that mother nature provides.

Thank you Joy for taking the time to chat with me.

For the latest beauty and skincare plus lots of DIY recipes, check out Joy's latest ebook:
The Joyous Health: Natural Beauty Guide

For more info:
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