October 15, 2009

Trick or Treat...{M·A·C Halloween Looks}

Halloween is that time of year where you can bring it on...makeup that is! With the right planning you can create the most detailed or basic Halloween face depending on the look you'd like to acheive. With the help of the talented makeup-artists from M·A·C they've done the creative process for you and translated their fantasy Halloween vision onto face charts. Last year I featured a few of my favourites, check them out by clicking here! This year I had the opportunity to interview M·A·C Senior Artist Keri Blair.

(1) Which fantasy Halloween look is your favourite? And which is the most popular?
Ga Ga Gorgeous is my favorite this year…because I was able to execute it on the video (www.youtube.com/maccosmetics). It’s a bit too soon to tell which will be the most popular this year…but I know it will be hard to choose from all the great ideas our artists submitted!

Ga Ga Gorgeous

(2) Aside from MAC's Halloween face charts what Halloween look do clients continuously request (if any)?
Many clients often want to be a version of their favorite rock/pop star or Reality TV star. Last year we saw a lot of Amy Winehouse and the Joker from the Dark Knight movie.

(3) How long (on average) can it take to create a Halloween look on a client?
Depending on the intensity and detailing of the look, the timing can range from 1-4 hours.

(4) For someone who doesn't have a chance to go into MAC & get their Halloween look done which Halloween look do you think that a person with no formal makeup artist training can create at home?
I would say either the SPOOK ME OUT (featured on the MAC Halloween Video) look which is really focused on following the natural bone structure of the face but really intensely using black as a contour on a paled out skin. Or the DEADLY DAME look which takes a more beauty style make up to the next level by using a lot of black around the eye and down onto the cheek!

Spook Me Out

Deadly Dame (one of my favourite's & click title for breakdown)

(5) For those Halloween recessionistas which MAC products do you recommend?
You can never go wrong with MAC Smolder Pencil or MAC Blacktrack Fluidline…they are so easy to use and black is always great for creating lines and depth in your make up, plus they are great to have on hand for doing a smoky eye or eyeliner for your everyday look.

(6) Lastly, at the end of the night which products do you recommend to take off all the makeup?
I love and swear by MAC Wipes for removing all kinds of make up especially at Halloween, then follow up with a great moisturizer like MAC Studio Moisture Fix.

I would like to thank Keri Blair for taking the time to answer all my questions. Hope you liked the mini-interview too!

M·A·C also offers appointments for Halloween makeup application. They range in price depending on what is being done, contact your local M·A·C location to inquire about details.
Lastly, what is your Halloween look this year? Are any of you thinking of using the M·A·C Halloween looks as your inspiration?
(images courtesy: maccosmetics.com)


  1. i didnt know mac did halloween makeup! thanks for sharing

  2. I'm officially excited for Halloween after this post

  3. Happy sunny sunday to you and thanks for leaving your sweet comments!
    I wonder if MAC is doing here the same looks in Germany! Have to take a look ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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