October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat {LUSH Limited Edition Halloween Products}

There's nothing scary about LUSH's limited edition Halloween products. Actually the opposite, delightful! You all know by now I'm a big fan of LUSH so a few weeks ago when I wrote that I wanted to get a few LUSH Halloween goodies LUSH responded by sending me some nice treats {thank you!}...Actually the day prior to my lovely treats arriving I got my hands on some LUSH (the great) Pumpkin soap that I decided to share with gorgeous blogger Tali because she mentioned how she wanted some but none were available in the U.K. So now I have plenty of pumpkin soap to last me, yippee! So I get excited about soap...especially because its smells so good.
LUSH sent me;
(The Great) Pumpkin Soap, as mentioned. Smells like pumpkin (of course), cinnamon & hint of citrus, yummy! Price $5.95 CDN
Cobweb Bath Bomb, smells so good but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Price $5.95 CDN
Jacko Bath Bomb, smells slightly different than the soap. Also haven't had a chance to use it yet. Price $4.95 CDN
Ghost Shower Gel, which I have been using alot. This shower gel is officially tied with my beloved Dove Cream Oil Shower gel. With scents of rose, orchids, and lilies this is a a bouquet of flowers, nothing scary about this Ghost. I like that the scent lingers on your body but its not overpowering that you can't layer your favourite perfume. Price $16.95 for 250ml
All items are limited edition & if they're not sold out yet make sure to get some before they run out!
Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat!
(Thank you to the great team at LUSH for tracking down the Pumpkin soap)

October 28, 2009

I'm in love with this Week's "Look of the Week"

I'm not sure how many of you actually pay attention to my "Look of the Week" feature but I couldn't help but post about this week's look because its smoking hot!! I'll be honest I don't watch Gossip Girl, for lack of time. But Blake Lively has one fantastic stylist because this is not the first time I've chosen her outfit for "Look of the Week". But wait guess who's she wearing?.......

Victoria Beckham Collection Spring 2010!! Shoes are Christian Louboutin, of course.
Christian Louboutin Calypso heels
Victoria Beckham Spring 2010 Collection

(images: style.com, zimbio.com via Photo Agency, fashionism,ca)


October 27, 2009

Drink-up the water's lovely! {Evian Paul Smith Limited Ed. bottle}

What's the #1 secret for healthy and hydrated skin, water! We all know that we should be drinking 8-10 glasses a day but how many actually do? I know with my job I have to drink alot of water and am guilty of not drinking nearly enough. However with Evian releasing their Holiday limited edition water bottles again this year there's no excuse not to drink in style. The Evian designer bottle (click to view previous bottles) tradition started in 2008 with designer Christian Lacroix followed in 2009 with Jean Paul Gaultier. This year there's another Paul in town, Paul Smith! What I love about Smith's design is the vibrant coloured stripes that reflect his signature style. "Youth is not just a question of age, it's also a question of attitude," says Paul Smith. “The concept of the bottle is to complement the brand’s vision of the Live Young™ campaign, by infusing health, youth and excitement into the design.” (evian.com/ca) Although simple in design the bottle is also elegant. A perfect Holiday hostess gift for your friends that don't drink alcohol. I also think it would be cool to recycle the bottle by either re-corking it or using it as a vase.
The new Evian Paul Smith Limited Edition collection will be available in Canada November 2009 at fine dining establishments and gourmet retailers. Suggested retail price is $4.99 CAD per 750mL glass bottle in gourmet retailers.
(images: evian.com/ca, Thank you to Maverick PR for sending me a bottle)

Toronto's LG Fashion Week {Backstage Beauty-part deux}

Now this is the place to be for any beauty junkie! I swear I wouldn't even be in the way, just give me an inch & I wouldn't even move. Just to feel the vibe and energy in there must've been crazy, in a good way!

Beauty by L'Oreal Paris backstage beauty "150 cans of Elnett hairspray were used during fashion week" (image:click to go to their facebook page)

Pink Tartan Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Jennifer Campbell via fashionmagazine.com)

Joe Fresh Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Jennifer Campbell via fashionmagazine.com) Jessica Biffi Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Angela Y. Martin via fashionmagazine.com)

(images: fashionmagazine.com & L'Oreal Paris Facebook.com page)

Toronto's LG Fashion Week {Recap-part1}

Although most want to be seated front-row I know exactly where I'd be...backstage where all the action is at! What could be more fun than watching the Pros do their thing, hair & makeup. Alas I didn't attend any shows except for an invite to Dress to Kill's magazine launch but I left early when someone "stole" my cheese platter from my booth & realized I didn't want to mingle with rats. Is that so bad of me to write? But honestly who takes the cheese platter from someone else's table and runs, ok so I didn't own the chesse platter but is it not for sharing? Its not that I don't like to share & mingle but why not seat with me & my guest, I don't bite. I realized at that point I didn't really want to stay & make small talk. Although upon leaving I met an employee of the magazine who happened to be really cool but by this point I had my coat on. If I had only met her upon arriving I probably would've stayed & chatted.

Look-out for my backstage beauty faves tonight when I get to finishing my posts. Note to self!bring a mouse trap next time:)


Win 1 of 10 dermaglow correction kits {Online Contest}

Just wanted to give you all a heads-up on an online contest that Dermaglow is having...
to enter go to Dermaglow's online contest here! Contest closes October 31 & only open to Canadian residents. Goodluck!

October 26, 2009

One bubbles, two bubbles, free bubbles for a year {LUSH}

You all know that I'm such a fan of LUSH that I wanted to let you know (if you don't already) that they're having a contest! Here's the info:

Bring out your best bubble beard! Nobody does bubble baths better than LUSH Cosmetics. And that’s why we challenge you to an online bubble beard photo contest for a chance to win an entire year’s worth of solid bubble bars! Next time you soak in suds, mold a massive beard of bubbles, snap a picture (cover all private bits please!) and send it to us for your chance to win 10 bubble bars every month for an entire year – that’s 120 deliciously frothy baths!

Contest ends October 31!
Go to LUSH.ca or .com to submit your photos! Goodluck!

October 23, 2009

Winner of the Dermaglow Giveaway!!!

Using random.org I gave each response a number & inputted that number into the "True Random Number Generator" and the winning number is.....
Giveaway Questions:
(1) In the comment section leave your name & age
(2) Let me know if you've tried Dermaglow products before
(3) Name a favourite scrub and/or glycolic product

Winner entry #2

She answered:

Michelle Jones
I am using MAC volcanic ash mask and exfoliator for 2 weeks now. I like the results so far. Seems the pores on my nose have become smaller and my skin is much smoother and softer. I enjoy reading your blog and catch up every night before bed.
Congratulations Michelle! Email me your address.
EDIT: Sorry Michelle but I had to choose another winner as you didn't get back to me (I gave you until November 7th)
Using random.org I picked a new winner!!
It is Look.Inside.My.Closet she answered;
(1) Manon 35
(2) i've never tried dermaglow products
(3) My favorite scrub at the moment is the one from Carita

(image: dermaglow)

October 22, 2009

October Beauty Faves {a short overview}

october beauty faves
october beauty faves by beautyparler on Polyvore.com

Items in this set:
Ahava - Mineral Hand Cream
M·A·C Cosmetics Eye Brow Pencil in Lingering
Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Makeup in Sand Beige
OPI You Don't Know Jacques! nailpolish
LUSH Ghost Shower gel
TVAL skincare mask in Banana Honey
Joico K-PAK Therapy Hair Oil
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Sampar Eye Rule
Marcelle 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream
Aside from reviews written in October which are favourites too here are a few others that deserve a favourite mention! Once I get a chance a few of these will be reviewed in more details.
If one or more of these products are of interest to you let me know & I will try to review them for you!


October 20, 2009

get Fresh {freshMinerals review}

If your eyes are the windows to your soul than your eyelashes are the curtains! And curtains my friends need a gorgeous treatment, mascara. Most of my beauty reviews are on mascara, why? Because its the one item I don't leave the house without. It gives my face an awake look, fresh, and vibrant. My latest mascara trial is freshMinerals Super Volume Mascara. I'll be honest I had never heard of freshMinerals so when I received the PR pitch to try the brand I couldn't resist reviewing the brand. Since that time I've only seen this brand at Lawtons in Halifax therefore not sure where else you can find it in Canada. Anyhow, I'm sure soon enough freshMinerals will be everywhere! Onto the review:

I was sent the SlyEye Collection which included the Super Volume Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, and Pencil Eyeliner. Retails for $12 US How good is that price??
freshMinerals Super Volume Mascara, finally a company that knows not to mess with a good bristle brush wand. I love the "old school" mascara fat bristle brush! Thankfully I've been blessed with long lashes so what I look for in a mascara is volume. This mascara delivers just that! Doesn't flake or smudge and doesn't irritate my contact lenses. Does take a few wipes of makeup remover to get it all off but it's worth it. I tried it in Black. Retail price $10 (if purchased separately) freshMinerals Waterproof Liquid Liner, this product reminds me of a felt marker. Easy to use, dipenses good amount of liquid, and doesn't smudge. Retail price $8.00 US
freshMinerals Automatic Waterproof Liner, this is a smooth, soft pencil so for that reason prefer using it on my waterline. Colour used, Black. Retail price $4.00
Overall, my favourite product of all three was the mascara. But if you can find the kit I highly recommend it as it is a great price and the liners performed what they're suppose to do. I would like to check out their foundations & concealers next time I'm at Lawtons.
For more information on freshMinerals check out their site!

(images & products courtesy of fresminerals)

October 18, 2009

Feel the Vibrations {Lise Watier Fall'09 Collection}

Since I received the Lise Watier Vibrations Collection last month I've been playing around with the shades. This season’s palette includes vivid and luminous shades, while conserving the unmistakable feeling of sobriety and serenity of the season. Like a wave of positivity, the VIBRATIONS collection offers true therapy by colour! The collection is presented in attractive compacts with argyle motifs putting forward its striking star shades. (Lise Watier press release)
One item I haven't put down is the Duo Bronze & Glow Face and Cheek powder. I love a bronzed look with a hint of rosy cheeks, and this duo hits the mark. I like it so much that I've made a dent in the powder from constant use, too bad its limited edition.
Retail price $28 CDN

I received two eye shadow palettes:
Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Vibrations (limited edition)
A pastel quad perfect for creating that 80's look or a soft feminine eye. These glide on soft & are paraben-free! Loved the argyle pattern on the package:)
Retail price $34 CDN
Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Classiques
Neutral and classic shades! Can't go wrong with this quad.
Retail price $30 CDN

Rouge Gourmand Lipsticks in Caramel (on left) & Sugar (on right)
Slightly scented, shimmery, and sheer pink hues. Look really nice with a clear lipgloss over top.
The pic shows the argyle pattern from the eyeshadow quad.
Retail price $18 CDN

Overall, I'm really pleased with Lise Watier's Vibrations Collection. Nice colour pay-off, easy to work with shades, blends nicely, and most products paraben-free!
For where to buy Lise Watier click here!
(images: lisewatier.com)

LG Fashion Week-Toronto Spring 2010 Collections

Toronto's LG Fashion Week Spring 2010 Collections starts tomorrow!! Look out for coverage on the fashion shows...

(image: lgfashionweek.ca)

October 15, 2009

Trick or Treat...{M·A·C Halloween Looks}

Halloween is that time of year where you can bring it on...makeup that is! With the right planning you can create the most detailed or basic Halloween face depending on the look you'd like to acheive. With the help of the talented makeup-artists from M·A·C they've done the creative process for you and translated their fantasy Halloween vision onto face charts. Last year I featured a few of my favourites, check them out by clicking here! This year I had the opportunity to interview M·A·C Senior Artist Keri Blair.

(1) Which fantasy Halloween look is your favourite? And which is the most popular?
Ga Ga Gorgeous is my favorite this year…because I was able to execute it on the video (www.youtube.com/maccosmetics). It’s a bit too soon to tell which will be the most popular this year…but I know it will be hard to choose from all the great ideas our artists submitted!

Ga Ga Gorgeous

(2) Aside from MAC's Halloween face charts what Halloween look do clients continuously request (if any)?
Many clients often want to be a version of their favorite rock/pop star or Reality TV star. Last year we saw a lot of Amy Winehouse and the Joker from the Dark Knight movie.

(3) How long (on average) can it take to create a Halloween look on a client?
Depending on the intensity and detailing of the look, the timing can range from 1-4 hours.

(4) For someone who doesn't have a chance to go into MAC & get their Halloween look done which Halloween look do you think that a person with no formal makeup artist training can create at home?
I would say either the SPOOK ME OUT (featured on the MAC Halloween Video) look which is really focused on following the natural bone structure of the face but really intensely using black as a contour on a paled out skin. Or the DEADLY DAME look which takes a more beauty style make up to the next level by using a lot of black around the eye and down onto the cheek!

Spook Me Out

Deadly Dame (one of my favourite's & click title for breakdown)

(5) For those Halloween recessionistas which MAC products do you recommend?
You can never go wrong with MAC Smolder Pencil or MAC Blacktrack Fluidline…they are so easy to use and black is always great for creating lines and depth in your make up, plus they are great to have on hand for doing a smoky eye or eyeliner for your everyday look.

(6) Lastly, at the end of the night which products do you recommend to take off all the makeup?
I love and swear by MAC Wipes for removing all kinds of make up especially at Halloween, then follow up with a great moisturizer like MAC Studio Moisture Fix.

I would like to thank Keri Blair for taking the time to answer all my questions. Hope you liked the mini-interview too!

M·A·C also offers appointments for Halloween makeup application. They range in price depending on what is being done, contact your local M·A·C location to inquire about details.
Lastly, what is your Halloween look this year? Are any of you thinking of using the M·A·C Halloween looks as your inspiration?
(images courtesy: maccosmetics.com)

October 14, 2009

mini Haul from Brazil {Granado & Dove}

My mini layover in Brazil resulted in a mini-haul. Which is a good thing considering I don't really need much. I was looking for a pair of boots but only Spring items were to be found. Any left over Winter apparel and shoes were in limited supply and not my style. As for Havianas, I have enough to last me...until Summer:) One stop I did make was at the Granado Pharmacy store located in the Jardins area of São Paulo. Granado items can be found at other stores throughout Brazil however with limited selection. I picked up a travel kit with the following items; Calendula lotion, Calendula liquid soap, Sete Ervas Shampoo, and Sete Ervas Conditioner. Aside from the kit I got Gloss Suave lipbalm. My only other purchase was Dove Cream Oil liquid soap, this soap smells completely different than the North American version. So when I have a layover outside of Canada or the U.S I always pick up a bottle of the Dove.
I love the packaging of the Granado items and often give these products out for the Christmas Holidays. The vintage packaging looks so pretty in the bathroom.

Leaves aren't just for rolling around in...{LUSH review}

Autumn has arrived in Canada and I'm quite happy about it! Why? Its one of my favourite seasons. The leaves falling on the ground, the sound of my boots crunching the maple leaves at High Park, squirrels trying to attack me (happens all the time) oh yeah they're suppose to be harmless...oops got carried away. OK happy thoughts! The one thing that I love most about Fall, yes the layering of clothing, but its the fragrance of the outdoors. The outdoorsy scent of trees, leaves,pine cones, chestnuts, figs, etc... LUSH has captured that in their soap Figs and Leaves. I absolutely loved the smell of Figs and Leaves & wish they would create a candle with the same scent. I think most that aren't familiar with LUSH think that their products are highly scented because of the strong scent of the stores. However, with Figs and Leaves I found that the scent only lingers a bit and doesn't compete with any scented body lotions or perfumes you might add after your bath. The soap also gently exfoliates and lightly moisturizes your skin. And as for the scent, figs is the main scent followed by ylang ylang and a hint of orange. When I run out I will definitely purchase this soap!
Price $6.96 CDN Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo is for frizzy, fluffy hair. This has a very natural smell, lemon and beer. Yes, beer! I have very dry hair and although I liked this shampoo after a few washes I found that this shampoo would be better suited for oily hair. Why? This shampoo definitely gets your hair squeaky clean and removes build-up. However, because of the nature of my hair I need something with just a bit more moisture. On that note, my boyfriend loves it! He has oily hair so this worked great on him. He also doesn't use conditioner so this was exactly what he needed; a shampoo to thoroughly cleanse his hair that doesn't leave residue and contribute to his oilies. Oh and he liked the fact that it has beer! But no drinking in the bath...
Price $8.95 CDN for 100mlNone of Your Beeswax Lip Balm is my latest addition to my lip balm addiction. I purchased this at the airport when I realized I had no lip balm in my pockets or purse. This is LUSH's newest addition to their lip balms. This lip balm delivers, moisturized lips without coating the lips. No shine here though and that's exactly what I wanted. Just a simple lip balm that on would look like natural hydrated lips. A light scent of lemon and vanilla, yummy!
Price $6.96 CDN

Next on my list of LUSH must-try's before they run out; Pumpkin Soap, Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion, and Ghost Shower Gel.

Any LUSH fans? List your favourites in the comment section.
(images: lush.ca)

October 12, 2009

about a barn...{Happy Thanksgiving!}

When I saw the pictures of Chanel's Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection I couldn't help but think of Thanksgiving! Minus the turkeys, the Grand Palais was transformed into a barn! Although this was Chanel's Spring collection images of hay, clog wearing models, tousled hair and peasant influenced prints conjured up Autumn.

By now most of you (atleast in Canada) have eaten your turkey & now finishing off that bottle of wine...Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my readers and followers of my blog! Thank you for your support & I look forward in welcoming more readers:) Don't forget to enter my giveaway & look out for more on the way.

(images: style.com, Coutorture.com)


October 08, 2009

Say goodbye to Dull & hello to Radiance! {Dermaglow Review & Giveaway}

Its that time of year where I change my skincare products in order to reflect the Seasonal changes. With colder and drier weather on the way my skin needs a little help and one line that never disappoints is Dermaglow. I first discovered Dermaglow from a co-worker who had flawless skin. You know that type of colleague...flawless, minimal makeup, always looks fresh & perfect. Being the beauty product junkie that I am and not too shy to ask I had to know what skincare items she used. She mentioned Dermaglow, I had seen this line at Shoppers Drug Mart before but never tried them. This was back in the Spring & since that time I've used several products. I am also fortunate that I was approached by Dermaglow to try out a few products. With that being said I only review products I receive that I like, if no like-y than no review. In this case its a big LIKE!
Since Summer is no longer here neither is my radiant skin, blah! That means time to kick up (or scrub) the exfoliation process a notch. There are two types of exfoliation you can do; either manual and/or using glycolic based products. I like to use a combination of both for maximum results. However, you also don't want to over exfoliate as this can strip your skin, cause irritation, and damage skin if your over doing it. I like to switch it up! For example; if I use a scrub in the morning than I'll do that every-other day or less per week & on alternate nights use a glycolic based product. If you've never used glycolic based products than gently introduce these products into your skincare & as your tolerance increases so can the % of glycolic in the product & frequency.
What I like about Dermaglow products is that they're gentle, non-drying, & non-irritant! I've never had a reaction to any of their products and unlike other glycolic products no redness or itchiness. Onto my faves;

Microdermabrasion Treatment-use this scrub 2-3x a week allowing a minimum of 2 days between treatments. I like to use this in the AM. The micro-magnesium crystals are gentle & fine, no scratchy feel with this scrub. I've noticed an improvement on my nose where I'm prone to blackheads.
Retail price $60
Glycolic 10% Gentle Peel Solution-I use this in the PM on nights I don't use the scrub in the AM. Active ingredients; 10% Glycolic Acid, Bioactive Fruit Acids, moisturizing & soothing Jojoba, Sodium Hyaluronate . This for me is the star of the whole line! If you can't afford to buy the scrub & this solution I'd splurge on this product (ideally both are fantastic). Improvement in skin texture, tone, and dryness.
Retail price $50
Glycolic Smoothing Moisturizer-for those that have flaky & dull skin this moisturizer is for you. I use this in the PM. Its an 8% glycolic based product that helps dehydrated, dull, tired-looking skin. Great for those worried about wrinkles as its active ingredients include; "Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 – Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, evening of skin tone."(dermaglow) I've actual finished my sample & am going to purchase the full-size.
Retail price $40
ADVICE: when using glycolic products use a daytime moisturizer with a sunscreen!
*prices in CDN dollars
Giveaway time!! I'm not going to be all radiant & flawless alone, one lucky reader of my blog will get a chance to receive their own Dermaglow Microdermabrasion kit & a Dermaglow Glycolic Product. Only open to Canadian & US residents, sorry International readers!
(1) In the comment section leave your name & age
(2) Let me know if you've tried Dermaglow products before
(3) Name a favourite scrub and/or glycolic product
Contest ends October 22nd midnight! Goodluck!
(images: dermaglow.ca)

October 04, 2009

Viva Brasil!

First, Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro in hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics! I'm off to São Paulo Brasil this week for work and I haven't been there in a few months so you know what that means...shopping! On the list; Havaianas (can never have enough), jeans, bikini, check out a few hair products (you can find great stuff), visit one of my favourite apothecary's Granado, and try to find boots...

Brazil's oldest apothecary Granado

amazing prices & fabulous shoes at Banana Price
All these stores are in the Jardim area
I've been thinking of starting a travel blog. How many vote yes or no? Leave a comment!
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